Photo Booth at Wedding

The Photoautomatica Photo Booth

Believe it or not, the main difference between Photoautomatica and other photo booth hire companies is actually inside our sparkling deluxe photo booth….

See, we use pro beauty lighting: a bit of a complex mix of very large, soft light, secondary reflected light & ‘anti-relfectors’ which encourage just enough shadowing to bring out those gorgeous cheek-bones.

We could just use more basic lighting but we are committed to providing studio quality beauty lighting in our deluxe photo booth…life’s too short for unflattering pics!

There are a few other little tricks we employ to ensure everyone looks their best; pro camera’s, a little touch of the old Photoshop magic and high quality gloss prints.  But ssssh, your guests don’t need to know our secrets!



Other factors that make our photo booth and hire service stand out from the crowd:

* The savvy branding opportunites on both booth and prints, be it wedding or corporate.

*  The quality gloss unlimited instant prints (prints seconds after exiting the photo booth)

*  The huge range of exclusive props

*  The professional service & years of event managing experience

*  The social media opportunites