Photo booth beauties – our lighting tricks

We hear time and time again…”This photo booth makes me so look good!” and we thought you might like to know how.  See, we use beauty lighting, which is basically a very large, soft light source – a soft-box- with lower secondary lighting to knock out unflattering shadows under the chin.  Then we add black side ‘anti-relfectors’ which encourage just enough shadowing to bring out those gorgeous cheek-bones and outline your silhouette.

We could just use one on-camera flash and have a much simpler, quicker time putting our booth together but we are committed to providing studio quality lighting in our retro photo booth…life’s too short for unflattering pics!  Who wants to go to a party feeling great and get a photo that doesn’t reflect that?  What company wants to have their brand associated with poor quality?  And personally, it’s such a buzz to hear people loving their photos and excited to get back in the photo booth.

There are a few other little tricks we employ to ensure everyone looks their best but we might just keep those hush-hush….a magician never reveals all their tricks right?

We’ve just been looking over some of our albums from the last 6 months of photo booth bookings…gosh you really are all some beautiful people!  More here and here.



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