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I had a question put to me a couple of nights ago at an industry workshop with the wonderful Wed in Waikato group (a friendly network of professionals providing wedding services in the Waikato).  The question was “What might be the greatest worry for potential clients when they are deliberating on booking your service (photo booth)?”.  I thought about this and I really think the number one worry clients might have is that their guests won’t use or enjoy the photo booth.  Oh if I could wave my magic wand and take that worry away!

In over 80 bookings we have NOT ONCE had a crowd be less than over-the-top thrilled with the photo booth and their images.  At every single event we hear “this is the BEST idea EVER!”,  “What sort of lighting do you use?  I look amazing!”,  “Can you do my 21st/wedding/sister’s wedding?”,  “This is AWESOME!!”.  It’s what makes it all so enjoyable, seeing people having a ball in something we have produced.  It’s just the best.

Here are a few comments from guests and clients too, in the hope it might alleviate some worries 🙂
  • It was the perfect addition to my wedding. 100% recommend!


  • We LOVE LOVE LOVE photoautomatica!!!! Emma is AMAZING!! It was such a fantastic addition to our special day!! Everyone loved it and had so much fun!!


  • As a guest of Ngati & Horo’s wedding I absolutely LOVED this photo booth!!! The lighting is EVERYTHING and totally made the photos look beautiful!! It made it fun and non-invasive to just pop in and take some pics. I wish I had an event just so I could hire this myself!!! Will keep you in mind the next time anyone has an event!!


  • Having photoautomatica was a total blast at our wedding. There were often long lines just to get in! Emma was so lovely and accomdating to our needs! Thanks soooo much! We are absolutely loving and laughing at the photos from our guestbook! Totally recommend photoautomatica for any event!!
    Arohanui, Kaniwa & Oto ♡♡
 You can find more testimonials and comments on our testimonials page or over on Facebook.

Another worry you might have is that 3-4 hours isn’t long enough.  It is!  Each print takes only 15-20 seconds to print, that’s it!  There is plenty of time for a group of 200+ to get plenty of pics in 3-4 hours.  Even if you need to break for speeches/cutting the cake etc.  You will be surprised how many shots people take when they realise how smoking hot they look in our booth!Do you also worry about the timings?   How do you fit it into your wedding day?  Do you do your photo booth shoot through cocktail hour?  Isn’t it too late to wait until after speeches to have the booth shoot start?  Again, in the many, many weddings we’ve attended with the booth, there has been plenty of time either way.  The most common timing is after the formalities of speeches and dinner, around 8pm, when people are ready to mingle, have a laugh and hit the bar!  8-11pm or 12am is a perfect photo booth shoot time, it lends a whole lot of entertainment to that part of the evening, gets people laughing and works beautifully alongside a dance floor or bar.

Cocktail hour works wonderfully too, but bear in mind, people can be a bit upset to have the booth close for dinner/speeches etc!  And there often is an extra cost to have the booth sitting idle.  We’ve found guests quite like cocktail hour to chat about the ceremony, check out the venue and have a few drinks c before settling in for dinner.

Of course every event and wedding is different so please, call us and we’ll chat about what might work perfectly for you, we have attended plenty of events and we’ll be sure to honestly answer any concerns you might have.  We want to ensure your event and booking is perfect.


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