To Prop Or Not To Prop?

Photo Booth Props

We  can include a fancy dress box full of props (think crazy masks, wigs, glasses and bow-ties as well as everyone’s favourite ‘tache and lips on sticks) with every photo booth hire.  They give guests a bit of an excuse to get into the photo booth and let’s face it, everyone likes to ham it up with a silly wig!

But we still urge our clients to think about whether to offer guests props with their photo booth fun, or whether to encourage guests to go au natural.  We think there are positives to both….

When everyone is glam-ed up looking fabulous, it can be so nice to get stunning studio style portraits without the distracting green wig or duck mask!  Remember, the Photoautomatica photo booth takes printable quality single prints, so if (when) you get ‘THE’ perfect shot of you and your groom/sister/loved-one, you can later blow it up to approx A4 and frame it.

Having no props, or limited props, encourages guests to get creative themselves and funny little scenarios play out in the booth with expressions and poses alone, it’s pretty cute!


And don’t be concerned about people not using the photo booth without props…once we get a few people through the booth, they can never believe how great the images are and can’t but help show them around.  Cue stampede.  We have NEVER been without guests using the photo booth for long!  That’s a promise.


But props are fun too!  It really just depends on what sort of event you are having and what end result you’d like.  We encourage brides and grooms to think about dropping the props, or just including a small selection of sweet moustaches and lips on sticks, flowers, love hearts and chalkboards, rather than the whole ‘Sha’bang’ load of silliness!  Whereas a work function might like to let their employees go crazy with the glasses and masks.

It’s your event and your photo booth.  Let us know what you would like, we are more than happy to assist.

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